Our mission - we fuse modern design with Latin American heritage to create sustainable garments for design-driven individuals.

About Us

With major influences from Mexican & California surf culture (thanks to Founder, Alex McKee & Creative Director, Michael Mullady), Aguas Co. is a menswear clothing label that is inspired by a blend of coastal aesthetic & a passion for curated design. Alex spent his childhood bummin’ it at his grandfather’s beach in Puerto Vallarta while Michael was getting his feet wet as a photo-journalist in Peru shooting for publications like The Wall Street Journal & USAToday.

Method & Sustainability

We aspire to make garments that are functionally designed & are sustainably made with the highest quality product we can feasibly source.

Every action has a reaction, which is why we make it a point to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Our mantra “friendly waters” (the thought* of being friendly to both our planet & fellow humans) is why we ultimately aim to leave the planet better than how we found it. That’s why we are proud to say that all of our t-shirts & sweats are made with friendly fabrics like 100% organic cotton. We also ship our garments to customers in 100% recyclable eco-natural packaging.

As we aim to build a community, we aspire to collaborate with other like-minded designers, photographers, surfers & amigos who are all seeking to spread this mantra of ‘friendly waters’ & help us make beautiful products for our faithful customers.

The Name & Logo

Aguas - as many could have already guessed ;) - means waters in Spanish. The ocean, our team’s relationship with it - it’s god-given natural beauty & design - we would be remissed to pay homage to it’s influence. That - coupled with the brand’s origin’s in Mexico, pointed towards Aguas being a name that evoked our philosophy on heritage & design.

The logo is an abstraction of the A in AGUAS & the water from which the brand derives its name.

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